This has been an impactful year in so many ways we can’t begin to describe them all here.


But firstly, we salute the front-line workers. Our thoughts are with them, and also with all the families who have lost loved ones during this pandemic.


And while our challenges are significantly less than any of them, we too are in a place we couldn’t imagine this time last year.


In spite of  everything that 2020 has thrown our way, the manner in which all of us have been able to adapt is gratifying. We are especially thankful for your business and work supporting us.


For those of you we just met this year, thank you for the opportunity to speak with you. We look forward to continuing our conversations in the new year.


Soon, it will be time to relax with those closest to you. Put all that hard work aside for a while, reflect on the past year, and look forward to the one before us.

As 2020 (finally!) draws to a close, the A4B team extends its best wishes to you, your family and colleagues for a safe, happy and peaceful holiday.