SAP PP – 6 months

Title SAP PP – 6 months
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We are searching for the following SAP Production Planning professionals to assist our client in the United States.

Position 1 –

  • deep knowledge of SAP custom LIS info structures technology (will be working with existing custom info structures S930, S931, S932)
  • ability to analyze the existing planning process that uses the above info structures (we have some documentation, not sure it’s complete)
  • deep knowledge of standard SAP MRP and other planning concepts (possibly including SOP)
  • strong communication skills (will work closely with business SMEs)


  • Currently, our GSD business unit plans replenishments based on a single national distribution center (NDC) via the above custom info structures
  • GSD is introducing a second NDC
  • Must modify the existing planning process to incorporate the second NDC. Would like to transition to non-info structure-based planning that allows aggregated planning


  • analyze as needed the many ABAP objects are hard coded to the existing NDC (which is plant O705); these include the following (at least):
    • LIS update rules
    • custom reports
  • refresh the As-Is documentation
  • analyze existing planning process and technical objects, and recommend a new planning process that will incorporate the new NDC
    • revision of existing LIS info structures to incorporate a 2nd NDC; OR
    • move away from LIS info structure based planning to standard MRP-based planning. There are custom reports and planning tools based on the info structures that would need to be replaced. (this is the preferred option)
  • implement the above recommendation

Position 2

Similar to position 1 except deep knowledge of info structures is not required (require knowledge of SAP standard SOP)

  • do require
    • sales forecasting and Demand Management
    • master scheduling and capacity scheduling
    • MRP
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