Expert SAP/ERP Consultants

Answers 4 Business is a focused consulting firm based in Toronto. Our people have played key roles in the implementation, management, and optimization of business processes and systems, ensuring return on investment from SAP Enterprise Resource Planning,  Business Intelligence, Supply Chain and other business software for our clients since since 2003.
The Answers 4 Business track record of success is based on many combined years of experience. We maximize our client’s investments in SAP through direct, skilled and efficient application of our consultant’s knowledge and expertise.
In this way, Answers 4 Business delivers a cost-effective approach to resolving your SAP/ERP challenges that large consultancies struggle to match.

Get a goal-focused rapid assessment that delivers an optimization road map designed to get the most out of systems, process and users.

Rapid Assessment

Optimize your SAP/ERP

Even as we face unprecedented challenges posed by new supply chain realities, continue to realize actual business value from your SAP/ERP investment.

As SAP experts, let us help you find your next engagement!


Looking for a unique opportunity?

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the SAP / ERP consulting world, we can provide assistance in finding your next engagement. Browse our listings of open job opportunities or contact us directly to see if we are looking for your unique skillset.

We use leading modern techniques to incentivize learning and moreover, eliminate the propagation of negative habits and practices that result from colleague-to-colleague training.

Expert Training

Ensure SAP/ERP best practices

Whether due to new conditions, new hires, new implementation or new system and process adjustments, Answers 4 Business delivers expert SAP / ERP system training based in a best-practice industry framework.

SAP Experts

Extensive experience, skills and knowledge in SAP systems and software.


Tight, focused bench of SAP/ERP professionals with decades of experience.


Small and focused means our clients are not paying for extensive overhead.


Our years of experience with SAP/ERP means we hit the ground running and know the way.


We have the senior level SAP professionals you need for your System Consultation


Get ahead on your training with our Senior level SAP consultants


We can analyze, document and improve your process deployments

Goal Setting

Work with our senior consultants to maximize efficiency

We can help.

Our consultants can provide expert objective assessment of your current situation and provide a roadmap to get you to a state of optimization.