About Us

Answers 4 Business is a small, hard-working consulting firm based in Toronto. We hit the ground running with our direct approach to maximizing companies investments in SAP. Managing customers needs that range from small business to large enterprise, we offer a direct and personal approach to your SAP/ERP problems.

Our ON-DEMAND portal allows you to have access to highly experienced SAP professionals who can assist.


Support Portal

Do you find yourself in need of some expert advice? Perhaps, you need ongoing support for a new module or would like to implement new functionality and don't have the required skillset.

Let us help in your Senior-level SAP Staffing, System Consultation and Training requirements.


SAP / ERP implementation

Our experience in SAP / ERP implementations and analysis allow us to offer a variety of services to our customers. Our main focus is Business Improvement. We also excel at providing Senior-level SAP Resources, System Consultation and Training Services

As SAP experts, let us help you find your next engagement!


Looking for a unique opportunity?

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the SAP / ERP consulting world, we can provide assistance in finding your next engagement. Browse our listings of open job opportunities or contact us directly to see if we are looking for your unique skillset.

SAP Experts

We are experts in SAP systems and software


We manage SAP/ERP engagements consulting large and small

Business Process

We will analyze, document and improve on any process bottlenecks in your system.


We can help you develop your SAP/ERP system through our placements


We have the senior level SAP professionals you need for your System Consultation


Get ahead on your training with our Senior level SAP consultants


We can analyze, document and improve your process deployments

Goal Setting

Work with our senior consultants to maximize efficiency

We can help.

Our consultants can provide expert objective assessment of your current situation and provide a roadmap to get you to a state of optimization.