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Title SAP MM/PP – Irvine, CA
Categories Systems
Job Information

We are searching for an SAP MM/PP professional for our client located in Irvine, CA.  Writing scripts, business process and procedures as well as training and UAT support are the main requirements of the role.  Our client requires the resource to be onsite at least part time to deliver these services.  If interested/available please respond with your current CV and rate expectations.

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Title SAP MM – Long Term – Remote
Categories Systems
Job Information

We are in need of an SAP MM professional to provide production support and to do project work.  The work can be done remotely and has the potential of becoming a long term assignment.

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Title SAP PP – 6 months
Categories Systems
Job Information

We are searching for the following SAP Production Planning professionals to assist our client in the United States.

Position 1 –

  • deep knowledge of SAP custom LIS info structures technology (will be working with existing custom info structures S930, S931, S932)
  • ability to analyze the existing planning process that uses the above info structures (we have some documentation, not sure it’s complete)
  • deep knowledge of standard SAP MRP and other planning concepts (possibly including SOP)
  • strong communication skills (will work closely with business SMEs)


  • Currently, our GSD business unit plans replenishments based on a single national distribution center (NDC) via the above custom info structures
  • GSD is introducing a second NDC
  • Must modify the existing planning process to incorporate the second NDC. Would like to transition to non-info structure-based planning that allows aggregated planning


  • analyze as needed the many ABAP objects are hard coded to the existing NDC (which is plant O705); these include the following (at least):
    • LIS update rules
    • custom reports
  • refresh the As-Is documentation
  • analyze existing planning process and technical objects, and recommend a new planning process that will incorporate the new NDC
    • revision of existing LIS info structures to incorporate a 2nd NDC; OR
    • move away from LIS info structure based planning to standard MRP-based planning. There are custom reports and planning tools based on the info structures that would need to be replaced. (this is the preferred option)
  • implement the above recommendation

Position 2

Similar to position 1 except deep knowledge of info structures is not required (require knowledge of SAP standard SOP)

  • do require
    • sales forecasting and Demand Management
    • master scheduling and capacity scheduling
    • MRP
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